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Alpha32® was formulated by the Medix Select Medical Advisory Team and is a comprehensive antioxidant-based multivitamin with broad nutritional support for health, vitality, and overall well-being. This daily multivitamin formula contains a strategically-selected blend of 32 essential vitamins and critical nutrients to promote optimal health.
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The ALPHA32® advanced formula was developed by the Medix Select Medical Advisory Board and renowned physicians: Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. David Brownstein, Dr. Chauncey Crandall, and Dr. Erika Schwartz. Alpha32 is a high-quality antioxidant-based, daily multivitamin formula containing the 32 most essential vitamins and other critical nutrients needed for optimal health and wellness.
ALPHA32® Benefits
  • Comprehensive Nutritional Support
  • Supports Immune and Bone Health
  • Evergy Support and Production
  • Supports Thyroid and Eye Health
  • Helps Fight Free Radical Damage with Antioxidants
  • Supports Brain Health and Function
  • Supports Cardiovascular and Circulatory Health
  • Promotes Health and Overall Well-Being


Alpha32 Supplement Facts

Alpha32 Ingredients


Leave Your Feedback About Alpha32

Name: Alphie S.
Location: Sebastian, FL
Product: Alpha32

"I feel energetic in the morning. I used to feel tired all the time. Not any more since I’ve been taking the Alpha32 multivitamins!"


Name: Lorry W.
Location: Ontario, CAN
Product: Alpha32

"I was frequently tired and weak. During the short period of taking Alpha32, I have found that I am less fatigued and weak. Thank you!"


Name: Steven S.
Location: Hartford, VA
Product: Alpha32

"Immune support and nutritional support; overall energy improvement!"


Name: Roy G.
Location:New York, NY
Product: Alpha32

"Before I started taking Alpha32 i started to feel my age (74) and that it took more effort to do the tasks which I always could do with little or no effort. With Alpha32, my system is now "stable and reliable". So, Alpha32 is a dependable health element"


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