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The Importance of Vitamins In Your Body

Until recently, the role vitamins play in a person’s wellness was a relatively unknown science. It was generally understood that vitamins were healthy so people blindly took them — but in most cases, they either weren’t taking the right ones or the proper quantities. In fact, a person could be taking a daily handful of all natural vitamins and supplements yet still be lacking the essential substances for cell function, growth, and development.

Today, vitamin deficiency is still a national epidemic. 90% of Americans have a potassium deficiency. 80% don’t get enough Vitamin E. 70% need more calcium — and the list goes on and on.

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There are 13 essential vitamins that are imperative for the body to function. Without them, a person becomes exposed to a variety of debilitating illnesses and conditions including blindness, anemia, diabetes, confusion, and bleeding issues. Because of this, Medix Select has released an image on the importance of specific vitamins to your everyday health.  Please keep reading below to discover how vitamin deficiency can wreak havoc on the human body.

Vitamin Deficiency and Your Body - An infographic by the team at

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