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Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol

The following are ten ways to lower cholesterol naturally:

  1. Aggressively manage underlying risk factors within your own individual tolerances for change (diabetes, blood pressure, weight management, regular exercise, NO smoking, and cholesterol control).

  2. Eat like a rabbit. Avoid saturated fat, red meat soaked in hormone and growth agents, fish laced with pollutants such as lead and mercury, and fruits and vegetables laced with chemicals and pesticides that have caused much suffering among our population.

  3. Supplement for areas in your diet where deficiency is expected or present, but avoid random supplementation which often causes its own problems.

  4. Do not treat yourself. Consult a specialist who can guide you using modern methods with an evidence base. No old wives tales please—just the facts!

  5. Avoid being discouraged by others who make a profit capitalizing on your concern with "secret" information only available when you pay them.

  6. Be proactive with your health, and be sure to find a physician with your own mind-set for risk management and health prevention.

  7. Diets high in soluble fiber will help control elevated cholesterol levels, possibly as effective as strict dietary restriction.(Some take 1 tablespoon of Metamucil two or three times a day with good results.)

  8. Niacin is vitamin B3, and it is good if you can tolerate it without adverse effects or medication interactions. Doses of more than 500 mg need a doctor’s supervision. Doses up to 3000 mg are used under physician supervision with periodic lab guidance. Beware of slow-release preparations that may be dangerous.

  9. Fish oil is generally good and often improves lipid management, but beware of manufacturer purity statements.

  10. Be sure to get adequate calcium and vitamin D, along with at least 10 to 20 minutes of sunlight daily so your body can synthesize vitamin D and properly use available calcium.

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