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What are Some Natural Joint Pain Remedies?

Joint pain is a common development as people get older. It is caused by all of the years of wear and tear on a joint.

There are several things that can be done to naturally alleviate the symptoms of joint pain. These solutions will only provide temporary relief, but over time they can reduce pain and increase mobility.

Eat herbs known for their anti-inflammatory benefits. Common herbs used to provide relief from joint pain include black cohosh, ginseng, sarsaparilla, devil's club, and wild yam. There are many natural supplements on the market that contain the appropriate herbs for combating joint pain.

Fatty Acid
Eat foods with high levels of fatty acids (EFAs). A spoonful of flax seed or evening primrose oil will help reduce joint pain.

Brown Seaweed/Kelp
If joint pain is the result of toxins in the body, eat brown seaweed and/or kelp. Brown seaweed and kelp treat the body by infusing it with alginates that allow you to pass toxins safely through your body's digestive tract.

Try acupuncture. The Chinese needle treatment stimulates nerves to reduce joint pain.

Changing Exercises
Something as simple as changing an exercise routine can spark a dramatic reduction in joint pain. Running can be extremely taxing on joints, while swimming and bicycling are far less damaging.

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