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Health Benefits of Banaba Leaf

Native to Southeast Asia, the banaba leaf comes from a tree with thick, waxy leaves and purple flowers. Traditional Indian cultures used the banaba leaf to remedy blood sugar, kidney, and liver deficiencies. Today, banaba leaf extract is found in many health supplements.

Medical experts say the banaba leaf can be incredibly effective as a natural agent in bringing blood sugar levels back to normal in patients who suffer from chronically high blood sugar.

Research has also shown that the banaba leaf can also aid weight loss if high blood sugar has led to obesity. Scientists believe the banaba leaf’s high concentration of corosolic acid is the reason it’s such a powerful weapon against high blood sugar. They claim it mimics the function of insulin by assisting the metabolism of glucose.

Doctors note that taking too much banaba leaf can actually decrease a patient’s blood sugar to the point of hypoglycemia, which speaks volumes about the herb’s natural power.

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