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The One Thing You Never Thought Could Be Causing Your Joint Pain

Wednesday, March 4, 2015
By Danielle C. Tworek, NASM CPT, WLS, Nutritionist

Causes of Joint Pain


No matter how old you are, the aches and pains of everyday movement are never a welcome experience. And sadly, as you age, these aches and pains grow more numerous, seemingly for some inexplicable cause that tends to be labeled as an unavoidable side effect of aging.

But, what if aging really isn’t the culprit? What if it is something that is more within your control?

New research suggests that many of those aches and pains—commonly associated with aging—are actually an effect of poor gut health. Which, is good news, considering your gut health is largely within your control.

It all comes down to two things: what you eat and how well you nourish the pounds of bacteria living in your gut.

New York University rheumatologist, Jose Scher, published a study finding that people with rheumatoid arthritis were more likely to have the bacteria strain Prevotella copri living in their gastrointestinal tract (G.I.) than people without the disease. And, in another study, also by Scher, he found that psoriatic arthritis was linked with lower levels of other intestinal bacteria strains.

Researchers are trying to understand the microbiome, the mass of microbes that live in the gastrointestinal tract – it would seem these microbes have an impact on overall health. Scher’s research, along with numerous studies conducted across the globe, suggest that the presence of certain microbes can contribute to or inhibit disease. One researcher told The Atlantic, “It’s become more and more clear that these microbes can affect the immune system, even in diseases that are not in the gut.”

This means that pre- and probiotics are an important part of supporting lifelong health, along with a balanced diet. Sugar, processed foods and refined carbs have been shown to fuel levels of bad bacteria, as does eating foods to which you may be allergic or sensitive.

what causes joint pain

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