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How Aging Effects Your Brain

Have you ever wondered why it is easier for children to learn certain things like a new language?

Or, have you ever wondered why you seem to be more forgetful as you age? Is there some physiological change that is causing you to misplace your car keys more and more frequently?

Some new studies indicate that cognitive decline can begin around age 45, much early that previously thought.

Special: 4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp

While many of the changes that your brain undergoes with age are not necessarily bad, some are warning signs of concerns yet to come…

Medix Select has recently released a new photo to help people better understand the cycle that the brain goes through with aging. This new photo depicts brain function from adolescence through old age.

How Your Brain Changes With Age


To find out more information about how your brain changes with age, please view Dr. Blaylock’s new video on brain health. In this free video presentation, Dr. Blaylock not only reveals the biggest risk factors for age-related cognitive decline, but he also provides over a dozen tips on easy things you can start doing today to help reduce your risk.

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