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Actalin® is all-natural premium dietary supplement specifically formulated to support your optimal thyroid health.

The Actalin formula, created by Dr. David Brownstein, contains a strategic blend of 17 nutrients, including iodine, adrenal glandular powder, L-tyrosine, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), and additional vitamins and minerals.
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Actalin® is an all-natural premium dietary supplement formulated by renowned holistic physician David Brownstein, M.D. to support your optimal thyroid health. This formula contains a strategic blend of 17 nutrients, including iodine, adrenal glandular powder, L-tyrosine, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), and additional vitamins and minerals. Plus, you’ll also find health-boosting herbal nutrients such as ashwagandha root extract, forskohlii root extract, and guggul gum resin extract.

Try Actalin risk-free today to start enjoying the following benefits:

Actalin Thyroid Iodine Supplement

Your Body's "Butterfly Effect"

Could This Be the Culprit Making You Feel
Tired, Moody, or 'Not Quite Right'?

Have you ever heard of the "butterfly effect"?

In advanced math theory, the butterfly effect describes how a tiny influence on one part of a system can have a tremendous impact on another part.

The butterfly effect suggests that a tiny butterfly fluttering its wings in, let's say, a jungle somewhere in South America . . .

Could actually initiate a storm — even a hurricane — off the coast of Florida, for example.

So what does the butterfly effect have to do with you — or your health — for that matter?

Well, in the next few minutes, you'll read about a tiny cluster of body tissue with a tremendous impact on your overall health.

In fact, in this report, you'll see how this small gland can exert a butterfly-type effect on nearly every part of your body.

You'll see how it could very well be the hidden culprit behind your flagging energy, your moodiness, perhaps even that 'blah' feeling that makes it difficult for you to just get out of bed some mornings.

And best of all, you'll discover how easily you can wake up feeling peppy, more emotionally balanced, and more energetic once again, ready to take on all of life's challenges . . .

So make sure you read this report in its entirety, because it contains potentially life-changing information you won't find anyplace else.

Now the truth is, while mathematicians haven't extended the concept of the butterfly effect to your body . . .

You carry your very own 'butterfly' around with you all the time.

Your thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland in your neck, weighing only about 1 ½ ounces.

The 'wings' of your thyroid butterfly are called its lobes, and they wrap around your windpipe.

And while it may be tiny when it comes to size, many health experts consider your thyroid to be a master gland when it comes to controlling numerous body functions. Where Is Your Thyroid?

From the beating of your heart . . . to the function of your sex organs . . . Your thyroid exerts its powerful hormonal influence on many different and critical body tasks throughout your body.

Just like the butterfly effect when it comes to weather, your neck's tiny butterfly gland can impact nearly every aspect of your health, particularly your energy level, mood, and metabolic functions.

Because according to renowned holistic medical physician Dr. David Brownstein . . .

A majority of American adults suffer from sub-optimal thyroid function.

What's worse, many of those suffering from concerns related to their little pink butterfly don't even know it.

Of course, they don't have the knowledge you'll gain from this report.

Dr. David Brownstein Thyroid ExpertMillions of Americans — perhaps even you or a loved one — feel tired, grumpy, or just 'not quite right' . . .

All due to less-than-ideal functioning of your tiny thyroid gland.

And while thyroid concerns are often considered a “woman's issue”, they actually affect both sexes, and particularly those middle-aged and older.

But first things first . . .

After mentioning Dr. Brownstein, you may be wondering who he is — and why you should listen to him . . .

Well, David Brownstein, M.D. is a board-certified family physician, and Medical Director of the Center for Holistic Medicine in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

Dr. Brownstein is the author of 11 health books to date, and a sought-after guest lecturer.

He's also medical editor of the popular Newsmax newsletter Dr. Brownstein's Natural Way to Health.

While Dr. Brownstein started out as most M.D.'s do, with the conventional medical model, he quickly realized its shortcomings.

So he plunged full-speed ahead into alternative medicine, and began to use the best of both conventional and holistic therapies in his medical practice. /p>

And just to let you in on a little insider secret, his very first thyroid patient was actually his own father, Ellis.

Researching and solving his father's thyroid concern put Dr. Brownstein on a 25-year quest to learn everything he could about the importance of the thyroid to your overall health.

With everything he's learned along the way, and after seeing thousands of patients, Dr. Brownstein has become one of America's foremost authorities on thyroid health.

He's even written books about the thyroid, and about the importance of iodine to the thyroid and overall health.

So now that you know more about Dr. Brownstein, let's get back to this report . . .

First of all, you may wonder by now whether you should be concerned about your own thyroid gland.

National Institute of HealthThe National Institutes of Health describes it well:

“You're tired, weak, exhausted, weary, worn out. You have a lack of energy and as a result you feel distressed. You're not functioning as well as you should. It's called fatigue . . .”

Whatever words you use to describe it — dog-tired, pooped out, run down, wiped out, sluggish — fatigue has many causes, and many effects.

For millions of Americans, that sluggish feeling is a direct result of a thyroid gland not functioning at an optimal level.

Perhaps you wake up in the morning feeling OK, but fatigue creeps up on you by lunchtime . . .

Perhaps you need a nap just to make it through the day . . .

Perhaps even mild exercise or activity leaves you feeling wiped out . . .

Feeling so pooped out makes it difficult for you to perform well at work or recreation.

And when you add in mood changes or grouchiness, you may find it hard to maintain normal family and friend relationships, too.

Of course, when fatigue becomes persistent, it's a good idea for you to see your doctor for a check-up.

However, keep reading . . .

Because you'll see shortly why you can't trust the results of a commonly used thyroid lab test — a test many doctors use that often overlooks sub-optimal thyroid function issues.

So even if you hear from a doctor that your thyroid is 'fine',Dr. Brownstein has some advice you'll want to stick around and hear — just to protect yourself . . .

I think you can already see how your tiny thyroid can be a BIG pain in your butt-erfly.

And here's another zinger . . .

You've probably heard since your younger days that you shouldn't worry about iodine, because you get enough of it in iodized salt.

Iodized salt for ThyroidBut just keep reading, you'll hear from Dr. Brownstein himself about how an inadequate level of iodine is much more common than conventional medicine believes.

And if you've believed that using iodized salt will give you enough iodine, you simply must keep reading, as Dr. Brownstein will bust that common myth wide open for you.

Dr. Brownstein will also give you some practical tips about what you can do, simply and easily, to boost your thyroid health yourself.

But first, let's return to the 70's . . .

You remember — disco, plaid bellbottom pants, and Bonanza.

DiscoSomething else happened during that decade, something impacting millions of folks and their thyroid glands to this day.

In the 1970's, the thyroid stimulating hormone test (or TSH test) was developed.

This test was considered an advancement in medicine. Unfortunately, according to Dr. Brownstein, many doctors began to use it as the sole measure of thyroid function.

And as Dr. Brownstein points out, no one test tells the whole story.

He has seen many people with “normal” results on the TSH test who suffer with thyroid concerns.

So what should you do? Well, Dr. Brownstein has 2 pieces of advice for you:

1. Make sure your doctor runs a full thyroid panel, not just an isolated TSH test.

2. If you see your TSH increasing over time, don't wait for thyroid concerns to develop. If your doctor doesn't want to work with you, find one that understands how to properly interpret thyroid tests. A holistic healthcare practitioner will usually be more knowledgeable about this.

With so many issues related to your small pink butterfly, I'm glad we could get Dr. Brownstein to offer you some of his expertise when it comes to your thyroid health.

And, while most people don't realize how essential iodine is to their overall health and wellness, I think you've come away with more knowledge about iodine and thyroid function already.

So I think by now you can see that a good solution to help your tiny butterfly gland function effectively must include some simple lifestyle measures — PLUS iodine, adrenal support, and specific vitamins, minerals, and other key nutrients shown to promote a healthy thyroid.

Remember how Dr. Brownstein found that a majority of Americans suffer from less-than-ideal thyroid function?

This crisis led him to research all the possible natural solutions he could find to help relieve this type of health concern.

And after extensive research, he was successful!

Now you can benefit from this formula . . .

A new natural breakthrough containing 17 hand-picked ingredients . . .

Actalin Iodine Thyroid Support SupplementAll carefully chosen by Dr. Brownstein to specifically target your optimal thyroid health, along with your adrenal health and general wellness.

If you've read to this point, I know you're convinced that optimal thyroid function is crucial to your overall health. So please claim this opportunity right now, while you're thinking about it.

And remember — you get 17 targeted nutrients in just one doctor-developed formula — nutrients to support your healthy thyroid function.

Just imagine not having to give your little pink butterfly a second thought again . . .

Imagine not feeling so tired, grouchy, or out of sorts . . . and instead, waking up ready and eager to attack your to-do list . . .

What's that worth to you?

P.S.: In addition to a healthy diet and exercise, Actalin could well be what you need to stop feeling tired, moody, or 'not quite right'. Plus, your satisfaction is guaranteed.



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