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Which Probiotics Are Right For You?

There are many types of probiotics. Medix Select recently interviewed Dr. David Brownstein to help get a better understanding of which probiotics are the most effective and how they can help improve digestive health.
So What Are Probiotics???  

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that help maintain the natural balance of the internal organs, especially the intestines. Your body needs beneficial bacteria for a number of things, including healthy digestion, improved immune system function and intestinal regularity and balance.

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With the variety of probiotic supplements on the market, it is important to know that all probiotics are not the same. While most probiotic supplements on the market should have some positive benefits, some are ineffective because they are cheaply made, use the wrong strains of probiotics, or they don’t contain enough of certain types of probiotics.
"Simply put, many probiotics in the marketplace are ineffective", Dr. Brownstein says. "All probiotic strains are not the same. When using the wrong probiotics, the positive effect on the digestive system is often greatly minimized."
With this in mind, Dr. Brownstein shared with us the top probiotic strains and the amazing effect they can have on the digestive system.

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To find out more information about what probiotics are right for you, Dr. Brownstein has released a new video exploring probiotics in more detail and what you can do to optimize your digestive health.

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Dr. David Brownstein Medix Select

Dr. David Brownstein is a board-certified family physician, renowned holistic practitioner, and editor of Dr. David Brownstein's Natural Way to Health newsletter.


Dr. Chauncey Crandall Medix Select

Dr. Chauncey Crandall is one of America’s most sought after Cardiologists, has performed over 40,000 heart procedures, and is editor of Dr. Crandall’s Heart Health Report.


Dr. Russell Blaylock Medix Select


Dr. Russell Blaylock is a nationally recognized board-certified neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author, and lecturer and editor of Dr. Blaylock’s The Blaylock Wellness Report.

Dr. Erika Schwartz Medix Select

Erika Schwartz, M.D. is a leading national expert on wellness, disease prevention, and bioidentical hormone therapies and editor of Dr. Erika's Healthy Balance.


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