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7 Signs Your Blood Sugar
is Out of Control

Sugar pie, honey bunch, sweetie, cupcake. . .

Have you ever noticed how many terms of endearment are based around the notion of "sweetness"?

We love our sweet treats, yet we're also told sugar is bad for us. In fact, CBS News recently had Dr. Sanjay Gupta investigate this issue and interview some of America's most respected scientists.

The findings were aired on 60 Minutes and revealed the overwhelming consensus that excessive sugar consumption is strongly linked to many age-related diseases.

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Unfortunately, limiting the sugar in your diet is only one piece of the health puzzle. Americans must start living a healthier lifestyle, including eating better diets and getting more exercise.

Statistics show we now have a not-so-sweet epidemic on our hands: 79 million American adults have blood sugar levels that, while still in the normal range, are too high -- and a warning sign for further problems.

Fortunately, Dr. David Brownstein has spent decades researching solutions to this high blood sugar epidemic, one he feels in now our country's #1 health crisis.

And in his newly-released FREE video presentation, he'll hand you a number of simple and natural strategies to help you prevent, manage, even reverse this blood sugar "roller coaster."

Unfortunately, you may not even know you have this problem unless your doctor has tested your fasting blood glucose levels. And if your levels were high but still in the clinically normal range, your doctor may not have told you about the potential health concerns.

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Note: Another potential problem you should know about is that elevated blood sugar becomes much more common as you grow older. Learn the 7 Signs That Your Blood Sugar Is Out of Control.